Lea Valley U3A



LEADERS: Laurence Cole and Mike Cording

Jan 2022:
The Lea Valley U3A Astronomy group has continued to meet monthly during the Covid crisis, either by Zoom or a few meeting in person last autumn. We are now back to Zoom for the time being.

We aim to meet in the evening, on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm,  though that might vary according to circumstances.

We are a mixed group of individuals, those more knowledgeable about Astronomy are pleased to share their knowledge with some who are complete beginners.  We try to get everybody participating in discussions about current and recent Astronomical and Space events, including what is going to be visible in the night sky that month.

A more formal part of the meeting will include study of a particular topic in more detail - this may include viewing parts of TV programmes like "The Sky at Night" or "Horizon" or "Brian Cox DVDs" to prompt more discussion and (hopefully!) understanding of topics on the stars and planets as well as more esoteric subjects like the Big Bang, Black Holes and High Energy Astrophysics!

We have the hope that some meetings (particularly in the darker months) will aim to be more practical and look at the night sky with binoculars and telescopes.  None of us are telescope experts, but some of us are hoping to learn!  We also aim to arrange special events to visit places of Astronomical interest.  We did manage a visit to Bayfordbury Observatory, just before lockdown in February 2020.   Hopefully we will soon be able to plan future expeditions

 If you are interested in becoming involved, contact the Group Leaders.  When we return to the Spotlight we hope we will again be able to have a table at the main meeting.



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